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You might be wondering why a web site selling and promoting American Eskimos, Bichon Frise  and Bichomo dogs has a poodle and a mutt on their home page. Well here is the start of how our lives changed with these two babies.

My Mom and I were walking through a mall and stopped to place a donation in the local Humane Society store. When we entered we noticed that there was a black adult poodle in a cage near the back of the store. Both, my mom and myself, were going through major transitions in our lives, so were not looking at bring a dog into the mixture. My mom stated that she did not want another animal, and if I did it was mine. After what seemed to be for ever, I asked to hold the dog. That was a start of ten years of unconditional love, not for just me but anyone’s path that SUGAR crossed.

There is no way I could ever explain how SUGAR affected so many people, and they did not realize it until after SUGAR was not in their life. So I will try and reduce the story into a small powerful package like she was in our life.

Both my mom and I volunteered with Child and Family Services(Child welfare), picking up children so that they would be able to have a visit with their families. It did not take long to notice that a lot of these young children had to go through so many feelings and emotions that made no sense to them. So we got SUGAR cleared and we started to have SUGAR in the car for the drive to and from the visit. We never had to say or do anything, as soon as a child got into the car SUGAR would start to dance on the front seat for one of us to help her get to the back seat. SUGAR would then go to the child and just do what she needed to do. Sometimes the child would need to hug her, or she would need to lick tears off his or her face, or simply she would just lie beside them and lend support. There is no way of knowing how many children she helped but I do know that the children asked for her when I did not bring her on the drives. I figure SUGAR was able to help at least two dozen children to appreciate the positive affect of an animal and how to generally respect an animal.

Then there was the foster baby that we had that SUGAR thought was her baby. There was no way that his diaper could be changed or for us to feed him without SUGAR been as close as she could be, at your feet or in the same chair as you. When he was starting to learn to roll over she would get close enough to him so that he would try and grab her wool. When he still could not roll over by just trying to grab her wool, as she slowly moved away, she allowed him to get a good hold and then she slowly moved so that he would be pulled by her. Once this worked SUGAR would look at me to place the baby on his back again so she could do it all over again. They played this game a couple times and then he did not have to hold on any more to turn over. He learned to crawl because he wanted to catch SUGAR. The other dog in the picture is MIRANDA (another wonderful Humane Society friend) and she made taking care of the baby even harder. She was over a hundred pound when she died and she would be in the baby‘s room before anyone else could get to him, when his cried. It would take two people to get to the baby, one to remove MIRANDA and SUGAR and the other to see to the baby. Changing diapers was made even more fun, due to the fact that MIRANDA would try and push you out of the way so she could clean him. MIRANDA did what SUGAR could not do for the baby, teach him to stand up. MIRANDA would allow the baby to pull on her guard hairs on her face so that he had something to pull on to stand up. When he was going to fall after standing up Miranda would lower her face so he would not fall so hard.

Both friends were able to change a complete family’s idea of a dog. My sister did not like dogs but large breed dogs were something she was scared of until MIRANDA. When my nephew was three or so he was shadow boxing with MIRANDA , when he let his hands down from his face area, she got him good……from chin to forehead. MIRANDA gave him one big lick and stood there to start the “next round” since she got her lick in to end that round. SUGAR was able to show my sister how much she could love a dog and how a dog will love unconditionally back. Both friends were able to change my sister’s mind to a point were SUGAR was allowed anywhere and everywhere in my sister’s house, even in the children’s bedrooms. That family now has a loving friend of their own and have had for about nine years. It only took SUGAR about a year to change their mind.

These couple examples of how two animals can change lives by just been around. You will see throughout this web site some very beautiful pet friends but we hope this story explained to you how this all started and why the name became SugarMir. We carry on  in loving memory of these two beautiful friends so that other people can experience the love of animal.


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